Arranging a Funeral

There will be a time in every family’s life that cannot be avoided, the death of a loved one. The pain endured is inexplicable and the loss cannot be justified.

At Norton’s we believe that being a local family run business our attention is to our family’s our promise is to serve with dignity, sympathy and compassion we are available 24hours a day 365 days our aim to listen and understand the needs and wishes in a professional and informative approach.

When a death occurs either at hospital ,nursing home, residential home or a home address, first call would be to the doctor on duty ,the doctor or a registered nurse will be required to attend to certify the death , the deceased’s doctor will inform you as to when you can collect the death cert to be able to register, it will be at this time that you will be asked if you require Cremation or burial ,a list of registrar offices is listed below ,a death has to be registered in the area of where the person has passed away within 5 days ,the following persons are designated by the births and deaths registration act 1953 as qualified to give information concerning a death.


Information required to register a death

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Home address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date and place of death
  • Last occupation
  • Date of birth of surviving partner
  • If in receipt of a state pension
  • Full name of the informant
  • Their relationship to the deceased
  • Their home address

The certificate obtained from the doctor must be presented to the registrar together with the following;

  • The deceased’s National health medical card or number
  • The deceased birth certificate or marriage certificate

The registrar will issue you with a green certificate for burial or cremation this document must be handed to your chosen funeral director, this document is used by the funeral director as proof of that persons passing away if the deceased has died in a hospital or hospice the funeral director has to produce this certificate to release the deceased into their care. We would advise you to buy at least 5 death certificates at a smaller cost than if you would buy a copy in the future.

On the initial contact to the funeral director you will be asked a number of questions.

  • What the relationship is with you
  • Where and when did the death occur
  • Your name address and contact number

This is required as to contact you to inform you that your loved one is in our care also for documents, for either burial or cremation.

As soon as you have registered the death we would then require you to make an appointment to speak to ourselves,(Lynn or Michael) as a family business you will only ever speak to one of us about arranging the funeral, this can be done either at one of our offices or within your home, as a family business we believe that arranging such a difficult thing is better done within your own surroundings where you feel comfortable, and if it becomes too difficult you can leave the room and gather yourself together. We do understand your loss and are very compassionate about how you are feeling, if you need to take time then that is your choice we do not put any pressure on anybody we are there to guide and help you please be aware we are not sales people.

During our time with you, you will be asked questions to enable us to fill in the relevant forms that are a requirement from all crematoriums.

We will then ask you to choose the date and time you would like the funeral to take place, we will endeavour to select your choice as near as is possible as crematoriums do get quite booked up, if we cannot get your choice we will then give you the options given to us from the crematoriums.

On completing all forms and dates, you will then be sent a conformation letter to ensure that you have all the details of where and when and correct times the funeral will take place. As your mind will be all over the place and the phone does not stop ringing people tend to forget and can’t think we hope that this will make things a little better for you.